From your phone call to the consultation

Emergency vet to your home

We receive your call

You live in Brussels or surrounding area
You are concerned about your animal’s welfare.

Our emergency telephone is answered by :
Veterinary nurses trained in taking emergency calls
Permanently-present overseeing veterinarians

The role of the overseeing vet :

To assess the degree of urgency
To guide you if necessary on a home visit or an appointment at the clinic
To advise you on immediate first aid
To give you medical advice on future surgery and treatments

The vet who treats your pet in your home :
masters emergency home visit techniques and specificities
is equipped with diagnosis, medical and surgical equipment needed to treat the emergency on the spot
can transport your pet to a structure that will follow up on the emergency treatment where necessary

After the consultation :

The vet shall write a report
The report will be sent to your pet’s general veterinarian.

Access to the secure Vet Emergency website to
View the report
Leave us feedback