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Who are our duty vets?

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Our team of veterinarians


Our telephone team dedicated to emergency calls is made up of Veterinary Nurses trained to handle emergencies and an overseeing veterinarian who, depending on the case/ as appropriate, will be able to advise you, offer an emergency home visit or guide you to the right hospital structure to treat your pet’s medical condition.

Experienced veterinary surgeons trained in vet emergency home visits.
They use constantly updated therapeutic protocols in order to ensure you pet benefits from the constant developments in veterinary medicine.
They will listen to you and make an effort to ease your animal’s pain.  Passionate about their profession, your pets’ health and well-being are their main concerns.
They are equipped with high-performance material suited for home emergency visits (oxygen, portable analysers, injectables etc).

With a simple telephone call, you can get them to come to your home during the day or at night, including on Sundays and bank holidays, 365 days a year.

In the event of a medical emergency, the home visit vet will also be able to arrange the transport of your pet to a hospital for follow-up treatment after the home visit.

Finally, to allow the best medical follow-up of your pet, Vet Emergency will work in close collaboration with your primary vet.  After our consultation, your primary vet will receive a report about our intervention.

About us

The Vet Mobile


We now have an ambulance to allow us to take any type of cat or dog to a veterinary clinic as a matter of emergency if hospitalisation is unavoidable.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the transporting of pets is only done following a consultation by our staff. It is only after carrying out examinations and the necessary treatments that the duty vet will decide whether he or she feels it would be appropriate to transport your animal.  The ambulance is not available simply for the transport of animals.

The vehicle has two sections :

  • a compartment where vets of all sizes can be accepted (see attached)
  • a compartment where we have access to all the equipment needed to treat the emergency at home in the best conditions (oxygen concentrator, cat oxygen cage and spray chamber, all sizes of collar, stock of injectables, splints and sterile surgical care kits, see attached).